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The next time you choose an advertising agency, choose the best. Our list of advertising agents in Redding represents the best professionals to provide your complete advertising and media needs.

Click on any of the ads on our Advertising Agency Page and you'll see why these agencies are the top in their class.

Learn about how to choose an advertising agency here by clicking on some of the useful links.


Search Engine Optimization Advertising Agencies in Redding

About Advertising Agencies

How to pick the right one for your business!

Choose the Advertising Agency that's right for you.

Choosing an advertising agency can be accomplished by first deciding what type of advertising you want to do. If you are looking to do television advertising, then you need to learn about video services offered by the Advertising Company you're seeking. Perhaps you want to develop a Radio Advertising Campaign. In this case you will want to find a good Radio Advertising Rep who has experience producing and placing radio ads with the local radio stations in your community.

If you are looking to do a print campaign or a direct mail campaign, then you must first develop the advertising concept and the target market that you are trying to reach. It is not necessary to do a complete marketing plan, but if you have the resources, having a rough draft of a marketing plan will be of great assistance.

If you have a marketing plan, then choosing an advertising agency can be very easy. If you don't have one, it is easy to develop a marketing plan. The basic elements of a marketing plan are to decide how much you want to spend in a year. Decide which products and services you want to market and advertise. Decide on a marketing strategy about how much radio advertising, print advertising, online advertising and television advertising you want to do. If you're not sure about a marketing strategy, then put it on the list of things to discuss with your advertising agency when you meet with them.


7 Step to picking to picking an Advertising Agency

  • Search online for Advertising Agencies in your area, i.e. Google "Advertising Agencies in Redding CA" Visit Each Company's website and read about the company, their history, and their advertising specialities.
  • Select the top three Advertising Agencies that best suit your needs.
  • Call and schedule an appointment.
  • Create a checklist of the types of advertising media you want to be in, i.e. Online, Radio, Print, TV
  • Prepare an annual budget
  • Ask each company questions about their fee structure, their specialties and if they will manage your ad campaign for you.
  • Select the company that best represents your desired advertising goals and objectives
  • You will find that different Advertising Agencies specialize in different types of advertising servcies. Some are strong on graphic design for print advertising. Some specialize in creating video (Televsion) and audio (Radio) commercials. Others specialize in print mail campaign. It is critical that you consider their online advertising skills and that they know who the best online advertising companies in your area are. Listen carefully to their advice as you will learn from each of them about what they consider is best for your business advertising needs.

    Online Advertising is becoming an critical part of all successfull advertising campaigns. With todays technology, more and more people are going their computers and their cell phones to find the information they need locally. Make sure the advertising agency is aware of the local online directory companies and has a complete list of their advertising services for you to choose from.

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